11 Tips How to Memorize Fast

This quick memorization method will be very useful for those of you who want to improve your ability to remember things. This quick way to memorize is very simple. However, the impact will be very good for your thinking ability.

1. Repeating information
This quick way to memorize this one might be considered a cliche for some people. But, repeating information or lessons to face exams at school or work, is an effective fast way of memorizing. Not only that but repeating information can also improve short-term memory skills.

2. Write down information
The second quick way to memorize is to rewrite what you have to memorize. For example, you have to present your achievements to your boss. Just write down your achievements first on paper. By rewriting the information you want to memorize, your memory will be sharpened even more.

3. Forget the “overnight speeding system”
The overnight race system is an old-fashioned and ineffective way of quick memorization. If you still have time, avoid this overnight speeding system. Because memorizing something over a long period is believed to be more effective.

4. Meditation
After you do some of the ways to memorize above, try meditation. In a study, meditation has been shown to improve brain function for short and long-term memory. The results of the study also showed brain images of the respondents. Those who meditate more often have healthier brains, so they become more proficient at memorizing things.

5. Get quality sleep
The quick way to memorize the above will not be effective if you do not get quality sleep at night. Sleep is important for brain health. If sleep patterns are disturbed, cognitive function will also be disrupted. Before facing an exam or meeting with your boss, apply a healthy sleep pattern so that you can remember all the information that has been memorized before. For adults, try to sleep about 7-9 hours every night, so that your cognitive function in remembering is not disturbed.

6. Avoid distractions
To be able to “transfer” what you have memorized from short-term to long-term memory, you must avoid distraction. When trying to memorize something, keep yourself away from distracting noise.

7. Read aloud and aloud
The material you are trying to memorize may be available in the form of books or articles online. To memorize it, just read it aloud and aloud. A 2017 study recommended reading the information you want to memorize, aloud and aloud. This can be a quick way of memorizing that is quite effective and worth a try.

8. Don’t just focus on easy information
When memorizing something, someone will tend to prioritize information that is easy to memorize, compared to convoluted information. Leaving more time to learn and memorize this difficult information can be an effective fast way of memorizing. Don’t “lose” before fighting. Deal with information or lessons that are difficult to memorize, and give more time to memorize them.

9. Don’t be monotonous
Usually, someone has their place or time to memorize or learn something. If you are one of them, try changing the place of your study and memorizing, so that it is not monotonous. For example, if you are used to studying and memorizing things at night, try changing to the morning.
Then, if you prefer to study and memorize in your room, try the living room as a new place.

10. Applying a healthy lifestyle
It seems, going through the various ways to quickly memorize the above will not be optimal if you do not adopt a healthy lifestyle. Because a strong and fit body has a direct impact on brain health. For example, regular exercise can reduce the risk of senile dementia and maintain brain health.
Try various sports that are not too strenuous, such as jogging, swimming, and running.

11. Don’t forget the support of friends
Just because you want to memorize quickly, you focus too much at home and forget about social life. Remember, keeping in touch with friends is very important. A study has also proven that having supportive friends can have a good impact on your brain health.

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