12 Tips for Organizing Your Room to Feel Comfortable

Are you people who like neat / don’t like neat? If I’m a person who likes to be neat but is often not tidy because I’m lazy to clean up, is there the same thing?😂

Yesterday I was searching for tips for arranging things in the room, here I share a few:

1. Don’t put too much stuff

Tips for arranging the first room is not to put too many things in the room. Choose important furniture, so as not to fill the room.

Try to organize things according to your needs, if necessary you can add a cupboard or double storage area. Sort out all the items that you feel are useless, damaged, or even useless.

Maybe this method is a little time-consuming, but believe it or not, you will find a more spacious room.
Maximizing Storage in Wardrobe Rooms

2. Maximize storage in the wardrobe

A wardrobe is not just a place to store clothes. More than that, you can store small items in the cupboard.

To make it look neat, use additional storage in it. This storage can be in the form of pockets, box organizers, and other multifunctional items. If necessary, you can modify the room by adding a built-in wardrobe that is placed parallel to the wall.

3. Avoid furniture with \bLarge dimensions

It’s okay for you to place a closet or study table in the room. However, like tips for arranging rooms, especially narrow ones, choose furniture that has small dimensions.

You can apply a certain style to the bedroom, for example applying a minimalist interior design. The hallmark of a minimalist style is “less is more”, so the furniture we use is usually more concise and simple.

4. Take advantage of the space on the wall

Not everything has to be placed on the floor. If possible, place some items on the empty walls of the room. You can use wall shelves, hangers, and others.

But remember, don’t hang things excessively on the wall, okay? Because it makes the atmosphere of the room look cramped and cramped.

5. Use bunk beds

Besides looking cool, bunk beds are also effective as a way to organize a narrow room and save space.

6. Add hidden storage to the furniture

One piece of furniture that you can add hidden storage to is a bed. Under the bed, add a few drawers that serve as a place to store things.

In addition to making the room more organized, this creative method is very effective as a tip for arranging a narrow room. The concept of hidden storage is indeed much loved by young people because it can make the room more organized.

7. Place a large mirror

You may have often heard that mirrors can create the illusion of expanding a room. In order not to take up space, you don’t need to place a lot of mirrors on the walls of the room.

Instead, simply place a large mirror facing the bedroom door or window. This is quite effective for creating the illusion of the eye, which makes the room look more spacious.

8. Apply neutral-colored paint with a warm impression

Tips for arranging the next room is to apply dark and neutral colors on the walls of the room.

Some of the colors that are recommended are white, light blue, and light gray. These colors not only make the room more spacious but also feel comfortable and warm.

9. Choose the right carpet color and pattern

Want to put a carpet in the room? It’s okay. However, choose the right carpet color and pattern.

Neutral colors and small repeating line motifs seem to be quite effective in making the room look wider.

10. Avoid hanging clothes behind the door

One of the bad habits that people often do is hang clothes behind the door. This habit not only makes the room feel cramped but also cramped and hot.

Better immediately put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. If you want to hang it, place it in a closet and divide it with clean clothes. If necessary, add a cup of camphor so it doesn’t stink.

11. Choose a room with a window to the outside

Remember, it’s not a window facing the building’s corridor, right? Aside from being an air vent, windows facing the outside are also effective in making your small boarding room look wider.

12. Routinely clean and tidy up the room

All the tips for arranging the room have been done, but why does the room still feel stuffy? Maybe it’s because you rarely clean and tidy up the room. This habit is very important.

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