5 Study Techniques That Are Effective When Online Learning

Here are 5 study techniques that are effective when online learning:

1. The Feynman Method
This learning technique is quite helpful for students in understanding the learning material. The Feynman method uses the concept of re-explaining material to others.

How to learn with this method is quite easy. Write the material you want to study. Then, describe the material as if you were teaching small children.

2. Mind Mapping Method
This method is quite popular among students. Mind mapping is a technique that can maximize the performance of the right and left brain.

When studying, make the main idea or topic of the material. Then, create branches leading to sub-topics. The sub-topic is then broken down into other smaller sections.

3. Spaced Practice Study Method
With this method, you can learn over a long time. This way of learning breaks the hours of study into chunks of time.

This can spur the brain to remember and connect ideas. Learn one material at different hours or days so that the brain can be trained.

4. SQ3R Study Method
SQ3R stands for survey, question, read, recite, review. At the point of the survey, you should not read the entire material. All that needs to be done is to read using the skimming method.

Read through the first chapter and then make notes on the title, image, or sections that stand out. Create questions or questions related to the chapter being studied. After compiling the questions, start to read (read) the entire book.

After reading, make a summary of the material. Then, recite or reread the summary. Finally, review or review the material you are studying.

5. Study Before Bedtime
One of the effective learning methods is studying before going to bed. According to researchers from the University of York, Scott Cairney, during sleep, the brain will review and correct what is learned when awake.

This makes the material being studied easier to “get out” when needed. The brain will organize all the memories of the things that have been learned. This method can also maintain brain health and function.

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