5 Tools for Studygram-Style Notes

You must be thinking about what tools are generally used by studygrams to record their material, right? The following is a tool for note-taking in the style of a studygram:

1. Brush pen
The brush pen is the most commonly used tool for note-taking in the style of studygrams. A brush pen is used to create a title on a note or commonly called a header. The brush pen that is most often used by Studygram is the Tombow brand.

2. Loose Leaf
Of course, this is the most important. Loose leaf is useful as a medium for making notes in the style of a studygram. There are many types of a loose leaf that you can use. However, if you want to use it as a note, then choose paper with a thickness of at least 80 gsm.

3. Pens
No less important than loose leaf, a pen is a must for taking notes in the style of a studygram. Usually, they will use a high-quality gel pen to be able to make quality notes as well.

Not only black ink, Studygram always uses colored pens to make notes look interesting. The pens that will be used are always in line with the theme they take.

4. Stickers
The sticker used is a sticker that looks funny and interesting. The sticker serves as a decoration on the note, it also fills the space in your note.

5. Washi tape
With a variety of colors and motifs, washi tape is also often used as decoration. In addition, washi tape can also be used to paste notes.

What are your studygram-style note-taking tools?

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