6 Tips For Getting Good Grades

As a student, you are usually required to get good grades. However, not all students study diligently and diligently. Many are lazy to learn, some even hate a subject because of the difficulty in learning it. This is because they do not have an efficient and comfortable learning method during this pandemic. After all, they have to be online-based, friends.

Many only study hard only when there are exams or tests. Of course, this method is not recommended and there is a high risk of forgetting what we learn. Therefore, it takes time management and some efficient and comfortable learning methods. Here are tips and how to study for those of you who have difficulty in learning.

1. Determine your study time

Study time management is the first thing we must understand for student friends. All you have to do is determine a time that makes you comfortable studying. For most people, studying in the morning is a convenient study time and easy to understand lessons. Studying at 3-4 in the morning will make it easy for you to understand the lessons, even those that you find very difficult.

2. Consistent in learning

Learning does not need to take hours, just 1-2 hours every day. What is needed is consistency in learning. Instead of studying for hours on end for an exam, it’s better if you study every day even if it’s only for 1 hour. That way, you will easily remember what you have learned and still have plenty of time to repeat the lessons that you find difficult.

3. Ask if there are difficulties

Never be shy to ask. It’s impossible for us to always know what we learn, there must be something we don’t know and we find it difficult. Therefore, ask your teacher what difficult things are, your teacher will definitely answer them with pleasure, or your classmates who you think are smart, that way maybe you will understand more easily.

4. Take advantage of technology

In the modern era like now, the word “Internet” is no stranger to our ears. Use the internet to study. If through your teacher’s explanation you still don’t understand, you can see tutors on YouTube for free or in paid online classes. Now there are lots of learning videos on the internet that you can use as an alternative if you have trouble understanding the explanation from your teacher. You can check the youtube channel for Indonesian student partners.

5. Know the purpose and benefits of a lesson

By knowing the benefits and objectives of a lesson, you can be more enthusiastic about learning and also easy to understand. Sometimes we just learn without knowing the benefits, this is one of the factors that cause us to be lazy to study. If you don’t understand what the benefits and objectives of a subject matter are, you can ask your teacher or you can also look for it on the internet.

6. Reduce staying up late

Many studies show some of the dangers of staying up late for our health and our minds. One of them is difficult to concentrate and remember something. Of course, this will hinder you in learning. Because learning requires good concentration. Instead of going to bed late and getting up late, it’s better to go to bed early around 8 / 9, and wake up early around 4/ 5. That way, our brains will be fresher and easier to concentrate on learning.

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