6 Ways to Make Study From Home Less Bored And More Productive

Here are 6 ways to make study from home less bored and more productive:

1. Rearranging living quarters/rooms
Rearranging your residence/room can be one of the productive activities that you can do while staying at home. There is nothing wrong with doing deep cleaning of the residence/room as well as changing the interior arrangement so that the atmosphere of the apartment is fresher. Wash all sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and also clean the corners that are usually left untouched.

2. Sports
Sports are activities that you must do while at home. Because exercise is very good for increasing your body’s immunity. The body will also feel fit and fit after exercising. You can try yoga, which can help improve breathing techniques so that your breathing organs become healthier.

3. Watch TV series or movies
Watching is one of the most powerful activities when living at home. Because many theaters have closed so far, and many films have delayed their screening schedules, you can switch to streaming TV Series or movies on Netflix, Viu, and various other streaming portals. This streaming portal provides a lot of TV series and movies whose quality is not far from the big screen movies.

4. Reading Books / Articles
So for those of you who feel at home, if you are bored you can read books, be it handbooks or e-books or even articles. This will keep you from getting bored and keep you productive as you fill your brain with new knowledge.

5. Learn New Things
So maybe at times like this, you can apply new skills, for example, learning to play guitar with YouTube, learning programming, learning design, learning internet marketing, etc.

6. Finish Your Task Well
Well, this is the most important, for example, if you are still a student or still a student, you can complete your assignments at home well, even though you can be better than you at school because some people can concentrate well in a calm state.

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