6 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Study

1. Create a Study Agenda
The first step taken to increase learning motivation is to create a clear learning agenda. The study agenda will help you to organize the time and what material to study. Thus, you will be more focused and concentrated on studying. Simply by making a study agenda, the learning you do will be more effective and efficient.

2. Determine the Study Style
Everyone has their learning style. Each learning method has advantages and disadvantages. Determine if you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic type. By knowing your learning style, you can adapt to the material you want to learn. To determine your type of learning style.

3. Rest
Rest is one of the important factors in the learning process. Continuous learning without giving time to rest will make the brain and body tired. When the body is tired, the learning process will not be optimal. The material learned will not be optimally absorbed in memory. In addition, rest is also needed to keep the body fit and healthy.

4. Avoid Study Distractions
Often distractions during learning hinder the process of absorbing material. To get a good learning atmosphere, avoid learning distractions that may occur. Arrange a time to play gadgets, play social media, watch television, and online games so as not to interfere with study time. Don’t be in a crowd or crowd. Try not to have anything around that can distract you from studying.

5. Find the Right Atmosphere
There is no proper term atmosphere. All the atmosphere becomes right if you manage to control yourself. Find a place to study that is comfortable and makes you focus on studying. If necessary, play classical music which will make the atmosphere more calm and peaceful. You can determine the right atmosphere for yourself. Sometimes a cup of tea or hot chocolate makes the learning atmosphere more perfect.

6. Study with Friends
If you feel bored and lazy to study alone, studying with friends can be a solution. Apart from being a motivation for learning and encouragement, friends will help when you encounter difficulties. Learning with a discussion system usually makes it easier for us to understand something. However, don’t let studying with friends become ineffective because they are used too much for chatting or playing.

To study with optimal results requires a strong intention and will to try. Persistence and self-confidence are needed so that we don’t give up easily during the process. The thing to remember, commitment is needed to achieve something you dream of. Never forget to continue to pray to God and ask for the blessing of your parents. Be enthusiastic and keep practicing so that success awaits you in the future. Hopefully, this study motivation is useful.

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