8 Benefits of Taking Notes in Class

You can make notes through a notebook or gadget. If students often take notes in class, several benefits and advantages can be obtained.

Here are 8 benefits of taking notes in class:

1. Can easily understand and remember the material
Note-taking while listening can help students or students better understand and remember the material given. Because, in addition to listening, you also write down important things in your notes.

2. Be more focused
Taking notes in class makes students and students more focused. Because, when you take notes, you are more active in listening and moving (writing). That way, you avoid feeling drowsy and drowsy.

3. Don’t miss the lesson material
If you have been given material in soft copy form or a summary from a lecturer or teacher, usually students and students are still missing.

4. Notes to accompany the book material
Those of you who are diligent in making notes in class can be a companion when reading material books. Because the book is thick and many. Armed with notes, activities to seek information from books are more focused. Especially if the notes are complete.

5. Taking notes can make it easy and practical
Taking notes can make it easier and more practical for you, instead of having to listen to recorded explanations in class again. Even though note-taking is indeed one of the favorite methods used by students.

6. Help when preparing for exams
If you take notes in class, this can make it easier for you to prepare for the exam.

7. Can be learned over the years
Make no mistake, the notes you work on in class can be reused. Even though the notes were written years ago.

8. The ability to take notes is more honed
By getting used to taking notes in class, your note-taking skills will be more honed. This means that it will be useful in the world of work. Where you need to record the results of meetings, briefings with clients, and more.

— Daily quote: “Focus on being productive, not just being busy”

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