Activities A Studygrammers Does

Being a studygrammers is not always just uploading notes to social media, then waiting for someone to appreciate it. Of course, it can be boring. The following are the most common activities carried out by a studygrammers:

1. Interact with followers
When someone starts to comment on your work and appreciate it, of course, you feel very proud and want to thank them. Therefore, if you want your work to be known by people, it would be nice to interact with followers. Don’t forget to use good language to sound friendly!

2. Sharing study tips
It’s not a studygram if it doesn’t provide study tips for everyone. You may be able to share these tips with others so they can try what you suggest. In addition, if they feel motivated by the tips you provide, they may appreciate your hard work and thank you.

3. Cooperate with other studygram accounts
If you feel bored because you have to make notes alone, maybe you can invite other studygram accounts as a form of collaboration and cooperation. Usually, they will do SFS (shoutout for shoutout) to promote each other’s studygram accounts or collaborate to take notes together.

4. Doing a giveaway
Sometimes, a studygram does a giveaway. They will give various kinds of stationery to the lucky account. Usually, by doing a giveaway, indirectly many people start following your account and participate in the giveaway.

5. Stationery Haul
If the tools that will be used to make notes run out or are damaged, then what needs to be done is to buy back the equipment needed. They often buy stationery on a large scale.

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