Best Time to Study – Day or Night?

Every student has his/her learning style and learns better at different times of the day.

Generally speaking, the best time for effective studying would be, when there is peace, and no one is there to distract from the studies. Early morning or late at night is the time when there are very less noise and distractions.

Benefits of studying at night-time:
1. More peace
2. Helps in improving recall memory
3. Fewer disturbance and interruptions

Benefits of studying at morning-time:
1. The brain is refreshed and ready for the new Information
2. Natural light keeps you alert and focused
3. The sleeping schedule is not disturbed

— Study time:

a. 9 – 11 am, Creativity

b. 11- 2 in the afternoon, Doing a difficult task

c. 2 – 3 pm, Rest

d. 3pm – 6pm, Teamwork

e. 6 pm – 8 pm, Personal assignment

f. 8 – 10pm, Me Time

g. 10 pm onwards, Sleep

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