Choosing Colors Tips for Creating Aesthetic Studygram Notes

Your notes are your creations, you want to scribble with whatever it is, it all comes back to you. After all, in the end, you will read it yourself.

The colors in the writing give someone a unique creation. In each color, there is a meaning that can indicate the author. In addition, providing color in writing will train the creative side of the author. I usually call it the colored notes or color writing method.
Color Function

Benefits of Colored Notes

If someone makes colorful notes, it is said that it will indirectly improve the person’s memory. It happened because he marked something with certain colors. Then why someone who marks something with color will be easier to remember? The answer is because the identification and signaling functions of the color always make a difference from the others. For example, when we remember the color of the cover of a book or the clothes someone wears, it will be easier to recognize the characteristics through color than other characteristics. If this is applied in writing that uses colors, of course when we will memorize it again, most likely our memory will be easier to remember.
Human right and left brain schematic

In addition to improving memory. Another benefit is to stimulate the work between the two parts of the human brain. As is known, humans have two parts of the brain in the head. There is a right brain that tends to show the creative side of a person and there is a left-brain that tends to think logically, sequentially, rationally, analytically, and objectively. With colored writing, we have used 2 brain tendencies function. Color as creativity which means we use the right brain and writing as part of the detail-oriented which means we also use the left brain. Even so, there have been no further studies on this matter, what is clear is that the brain can be sharpened in various ways, one of which is writing with color.

To maintain the aesthetic values ​​of these colors in the notes, it is advisable to:

1. Choose the color you like
The purpose of Any Color You Like is our freedom to enter and choose the colors we like into colored notes. If you like blue and red, then use those two colors. If you like green, yellow and red then use those colors. The point is freedom in choosing the color we like.

2. Combinations
The meaning of this combination is to combine the colors we choose into the notes. Precisely we consider whether the color we choose will produce a beautiful combination or not? The size of the beauty itself emerges from us. For example, when we feel blue doesn’t match green, then we replace the green color with red because it feels more suitable. That’s the combination. If in the principle of ‘Any Color You Like’ we are free to choose the color, then in this case the combination principle gives a little size into its beautiful value.

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