Environmental Watercolour Artwork

The environment is an important part of human survival. We all know that the environment is correlated with humans so that it can create harmonization for life in the world. Some so many people are already aware of how important it is to maintain this harmonization. The following will give some reasons why we should care about the environment.

The more you don’t care about our environment, the more it is polluted by contaminants and toxins that adversely affect our health. Air pollution can cause respiratory diseases such as cancer, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. Not only air, but water pollution can also endanger our lives. If the water that is supposed to be for human consumption is polluted, it can cause a lot of very dangerous diseases. For that, we must always keep our environment clean.

Today, with increasing environmental awareness among people, people all over the world are united to fight for a greener future, and the efforts have achieved great results. In addition to reducing environmental pollution, as a person who has a hobby of drawing and writing, I create watercolour artworks with environmental themes to encourage and make friends aware of the importance of a healthy environment.

MylkNotes - Environmental Watercolour Artwork - 1 MylkNotes - Environmental Watercolour Artwork - 2

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