How Not To Get Bored While Studying

The following are tips so that you are happy and comfortable in studying and can study effectively:

1. Before studying, you should eat first so that the brain can think well, not too little, and not too full, so that you can think optimally.

2. Relax in learning activities, don’t think of learning as a burden.

3. Get rid of negative thoughts in your mind. Because if you study negative thoughts, then your mind will be closed.

4. Focus on study, remove all other problems that are not related to learning activities from your mind.

5. Do not study without refreshing, sometimes many people interpret that continuous learning is very good and can get good achievements, but that opinion is not true, Continuous learning can make us quickly bored and tired.

6. Think that you can do the given problem. Thoughts expressing incompetence can lead to incompetence as well. So “You Are What You Think.” Alias ​​yourself is what you think. If you think that you are stupid, you can’t do anything, then what happens to you is that you can’t do anything. Don’t always feel smart because it can cause trivial problems, but also don’t feel too stupid, this can make you feel inferior and unable to understand the lessons you are learning.

7. Create a flexible study schedule or as needed, don’t feel tied down. Because learning according to needs can be more acceptable to the mind than learning that is too forced.

8. Try to practice a lot of problems, try to take time to fiddle with the questions you are working on, difficult questions too, so that your brain is always sharpened so that it is easy to remember.

9. Pay close attention and pay attention when the teacher is explaining something or explaining the material because what the teacher says is sometimes not in the textbook so that it adds to knowledge. When you focus, you will pay attention to the teacher’s explanation, indirectly you have learned gradually, and if it is not clear then don’t be shy/afraid to ask.

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