How To Beat Procrastination

How to beat procrastination on work or tasks? Check out the following tips and tricks so that you no longer work on tasks (school/work) until the deadline or often referred to as procrastinate.

1. Overcome procrastination by making a priority list

One way to deal with procrastination so you don’t procrastinate anymore is to make a priority list. You can start by creating any tasks that must be done. If necessary, enter the date of each job, when it was submitted, or last edited. Usually, this method is used by freelancers who take on many projects from various companies. That way, you can estimate how long each task will take to complete. Each task has its level of difficulty, so it’s better to speed up the task 2-3 days before the deadline arrives.

2. Manage time well

Apart from making a list of priorities, the key to overcoming procrastination is managing your time well. Poor time management is often one of the reasons why you are accustomed to piling up work. Indeed, not all methods of managing time will help you overcome this bad habit. However, there are some techniques you can try to get rid of the procrastinate in you.

For example, when you get a job that is quite large and takes a long time, break it up into several parts. You can start with small things first, such as what things to do and what supplies to get when holding a big family event. Do each job step by step. If necessary, do what you think is easiest so that when you get to the hardest part you still have enough time.

3. Looking for reasons to be motivated

Finding reasons to be motivated turns out to be one way to overcome procrastination. You can look for a self-motivated reason and reach for a positive, productive mind, and hope for a satisfying outcome. Usually, a motivating reason will be different from doing an assignment for fear of failing or upsetting your parents. Also, get rid of items that can temporarily distract you, such as your cell phone or the internet.

4. Appreciate your efforts

Don’t forget to always appreciate the effort that has been made so that you are no longer a ‘hobby’ of postponing work after the task is complete.

Once you’ve gotten rid of what’s been holding you back from doing the task and getting it done, give yourself a chance to enjoy something fun. For example, watching a concert, playing a game, or just checking your social media. Instead of using the fun as a stumbling block, you can use it as a way to reward hard work.

5. Realistic

Being realistic when doing something can also be a way to overcome procrastination. Expecting everything to be perfect is good, but expecting too much often makes someone wait for everything to be perfect to move on. If it is not perfect, the desire to complete the work is reduced and not completed.

Therefore, being realistic can at least make you focus more on being better than perfect. This means that you can keep fighting and prepare well to stay focused on completing a better job.

If you feel like you can’t be productive enough to stop procrastinating, maybe asking someone else for help is another solution. At least, that way they can be a reminder for you to complete assignments on time and with quality.

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