How to Make Aesthetic Studygram Notes

Studygram is an Instagram-based study community whose members are spread all over the world. The same community once existed on Tumblr where people would upload photos of notes containing beautified summaries (notes).

Here are 5 ways to make your studygram notes more aesthetic:
1. Prepare the stationery
You can prepare brush pens, colorful pens, pens of different thicknesses, highlighters, and paper binders. Few tips for those of you who are still beginners in making aesthetic notes, you can use a plaid or dotted binder paper. If you are used to it, later you can make neat notes on plain binder paper.

2. Use creative handwriting and lettering techniques
To make it easier for you to make aesthetic notes, you can first summarize the material. In making the title (heading 1) you can use a brush pen to make the lettering. While in the sub material (heading 2,3,..) you can use colored pens that have different thicknesses in each heading sequence. Then on the important parts, you can highlight them by using a colored highlighter.

3. Use sticky notes
Sticky notes can not only be used as a note limiter. You can use these sticky notes to make your notes into aesthetic notes. Even sticky notes can replace the role of stickers as long as you buy the cute sticky notes.

4. Decorate your notes
You can decorate your notes to make them even more beautiful. If you’re not very good at painting pictures, you can add stickers, colored tape, to cute stamps. That way your notes will become aesthetic notes, right!

5. Reference Note
No less important, you also need aesthetic note references to support your notes and creativity. Now, to see interesting note references, you can go on the internet or if you are lovers of simple notes, you can check on my blog. Happy creative!!

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