How to Manage Effective Study Time

Who still spends more time playing than studying? Playing is fun, so it’s only natural that you prefer to play than learn. But, in order not to have trouble understanding the subject matter at school, you also have to design ways to manage effective study time.

If you have effective study time, it will be easier for you to find ways to divide your study and playtime, without having to miss the subject matter at school. How to do it, let’s read this article to the end.

— Prepare daily agenda

Setting a daily agenda makes it easier for you to determine when you should study, and when you can play. Don’t forget, to be more balanced, you can also include a schedule for gathering with your family, helping your parents, and doing your daily tasks at home.

— Create learning targets

Making learning targets is one of the right learning strategies, which makes it easier for you to focus more on the subject matter you want to master. There are two ways that you can apply in making learning targets.

First, you can make an overview of the subject matter you want to master. The trick, you can see the table of contents of the textbook, to determine what subject matter you have to learn and understand in a week.

Second, make a mapping of understanding the concept of the subject matter. This method will make it easier to measure your understanding of the concept of the subject matter you want to learn.

— Determine a free time

Determining free time is an important part of how to manage effective study time. Studying until you lose track of time will certainly make you easily tired and stressed, to avoid it, relax for a moment while listening to music or watching your favorite Korean drama.

— Choose the appropriate learning method

After you set a learning target, you can find a learning method that suits you. Examples of learning methods that you can try are the Pomodoro learning method and mind mapping.

— Finish schoolwork early

The next way to manage effective study time is to finish school assignments early. You can do this while studying at home or when you start to learn face-to-face at your school later.

If you finish schoolwork early, you can have time to play and rest without being disturbed by school assignments that you haven’t done. Before doing schoolwork, it’s a good idea to take the time to take a break for about an hour so that your body and mind can focus on doing schoolwork.

— Discipline and consistent

Discipline and consistency are the right learning strategies and the key to success in doing anything. Make sure you can continue to be disciplined and consistently adhere to the daily agenda that you have arranged. If you are used to being disciplined and consistent, you will also not consider learning activities and doing school assignments as a burden.

— Do a valuation

After you have applied the previous methods, the last thing you need to do is evaluate how to make a daily study schedule and your study targets for the week. You have to check, is the way to make your study schedule efficient? Have you carried out your daily agenda well and have you achieved your learning targets?

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