My Friday Story – 2021/11/12

Happy Friday! Yey, tomorrow is off. We can give ourselves a break. Today I finished some tasks so that tomorrow I can relax. There are 2 tasks that I haven’t finished, math assignments and cultural arts assignments. The task is to make clippings and do some questions. After that, I want to eat fruit. I usually eat bananas or dragon fruit, because in my country (Indonesia), those fruits are often in the market.

Do you also like to eat fruit? Eating fruit has many benefits for the body, eating fruit every day can help maintain intestinal health, prevent constipation, and other digestive problems. The habit of eating a high fiber intake can also reduce the risk of colon cancer. Let’s get used to eating fruit so that our bodies are healthy!MylkNotes - My Friday Story – 2021/11/12 - 1

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