Note Taking Tips That Work

In the middle of the school year, some of you may often think, “How can you learn with this many study materials?”. Don’t you worry, guys! Don’t be pessimistic, because there is, you know, a cool way that you can use to make study materials easier to remember is to write a summary in a notebook.

Writing something by hand tends to make it easier to remember, which means you only have to rewrite the important parts of the study materials in a notebook. So, to make the study materials easier to remember, you can make pretty notes in the following ways:

1. Use a highlighter, on each section of the title. With colors, you will easily remember important parts of the study materials.

2. In chapter titles, use different and larger letters. Use it to attract attention. You can write cursive letters or imitate the fonts in Microsoft Word.

3. Add some cute symbols, this will make the notes more interesting.

4. If you are a person who likes to draw, diagrams, tables, and illustrations will be helpful.

5. Add pictures to your daily schedule. If you like motivational sentences, you can write them there too.

6. Try to rewrite notes after school. It will take some time and effort to do, but it will help you remember the study materials at school. And when the exam schedule comes, you just need to reread it.

By making these pretty notes. Study materials are easy to remember! Hope it helps you<3

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