Pomodoro Technique, an Effective and Efficient Study Technique

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management solution developed by a college student named Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. Based on various time intervals set throughout the day, the technique gets its name from an Italian word for “tomato”, which is a tomato-shaped timer that Cirillo himself used when perfecting his time management method.

As a technique that is designed to be easy to implement but provides maximum results in terms of productivity, the Pomodoro Technique has the following basic structure:
1. Set goals/tasks to complete in the to-do list
2. Setting the time on the Pomodoro timer
3. Work for a set period
4. When the timer rings, mark your work interval with a tick
5. After working in each session, take a break for 5 minutes
6. After the fourth session, take a longer break for 15-30 minutes
7. Set the timer back to zero and repeat the process

Modern Pomodoro Method

In the case of Cirillo, this classic method requires a special timer, namely the Pomodoro timer for the oven, but in your case, you can also use a telephone alarm. Scheduling a Pomodoro using the app is also easy to do. You can use an oven timer if you wish. But remember that there are more benefits if you use the app, for example:
1. Making reports and monitoring
2. Make a ranking list for the competition, very suitable for the team
3. Integrated with phone and desktop
4. Limiting social media usage, blocking phone calls, and other concentration-boosting options

How to use the Pomodoro Timer?
1. Add tasks to do today
2. Assign pomodoros estimates (1 = 25 minutes of work) for each task
3. Choose a task to do
4. Start the timer and focus on the task for 25 minutes
5. Rest for 5 minutes when the alarm sounds
6. Iterations 3-5 until you complete the task

Now, there are many Pomodoro technique applications on Google Play and the App Store that you can download for free, you know. If you want to use a Pomodoro timer from a laptop, many sites provide a Pomodoro timer. You can search for “Pomodoro timer” on the internet.

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