Things to Pay Attention When Making Study Plan to Apply for a Scholarship

A study plan is a required document for a scholarship application that can describe the applicant’s goals, educational goals, organized study time, and plans to achieve those goals. A study plan is not required for every scholarship, only some of the scholarship programs require applicants to attach it with the application for registration. However, some universities ask for attachments to be sent separately. This study plan aims to discuss applicants’ goals to study abroad with scholarships. Planning time for study purposes is the main key in the study plan. A well-scheduled study plan increases the chances of getting a scholarship.

Important points that must be included in the study plan:
1. Write full name and academic background
2. Last degree information
3. Academic results
4. Your beliefs about the culture of the study country
5. Reasons to study in the country
6. Learning objectives
7. Your plan to achieve the learning objectives
8. Skills and conclusions

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