Tips For Creating Aesthetic & Cool Instagram Feeds

Let’s learn and understand some powerful tips for making Instagram feeds aesthetic, interesting, cool, and not boring. Happy reading!

1. Determine the theme of your preferred feeds

First, choose a theme that fits your niche and personality. Later, the theme used will not only create a mood and a distinct impression to the audience but will also become your brand identity.

2. Choose a suitable color scheme

Color is one of the most important elements of your Instagram feed design. For a Brand, the color will help it to be more easily recognized by the audience and can increase conversions by up to 85%.

3. Take advantage of Charming Filters

Filters are also an integral part of the Instagram feed. Amazingly, this feature can not only help improve the aesthetics of your feed design but also make it look cohesive and consistent.

Some of the application options include:

VSCO — this application not only provides a large collection of filters but also frees you to create your filters, then save them so that you can use them for future content.

Foodie — your feed focused on the culinary world? Then Foodie is what you need. Besides being equipped with dozens of filters, Foodie also offers a smart guide feature to help you get optimal angles and lighting.

Snapseed — has around 29 filters and tools to improve the look of your Instagram feed in no time. Like VSCO, Snapseed also features custom filters that can be saved and applied for future projects.

4. Maintain a consistent style of your feeds

Equally important, once you find the right style of feeds, you also have to be consistent. For example, every post in feeds uses the same filter.

5. Pay attention to the fonts and typography used

Do you intend to combine typography with images, objects, or graphics in one feed? Or do you want to display multiple quotes on your Instagram grid? If yes, then you also need to pay attention to the selected font options.

There are four categories of fonts that need to be understood, namely:

Serif — has a classic look and is widely used to give the impression of being elegant, reliable, and established.

Sans-Serif — comes with simple and clean lines, making it perfect for modern styles. In addition, Sans-serif also seems more casual, informal, and friendly.

Script — has a form such as a calligraphy or handwriting. Scripts are usually used in conjunction with the previous two categories and make your designs look more attractive and fun.

Decorative — looks more eccentric and artsy, but tends to be difficult to read. Therefore, it is highly recommended to minimize the use of this font category. Also, avoid using decorative styles for small (under 32 points) and capital letters (uppercase).

You can search and download various kinds of fonts online.

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