Tips for Making Math Formulas Notes

1. Take notes with examples
One of the mistakes that students often make is that they write formulas without understanding their functions. Moreover, the formula contains many certain letters that represent variables. If you only just write, of course, you will have trouble and can’t use it. The best way to take notes so that you remember their function is to provide an example. With clearly visible usage, you will not be dizzy and go back and forth looking at thick textbooks.

2. Make notes according to understanding
The basic formula is usually the same in one book to another. However, not all children understand this. Sometimes taking notes according to understanding will be much better. As long as the concept is still the same, you can do it.

3. Group according to the material
Some materials have almost the same formula. Group the formulas according to the material. If you just mix the given material, the chances of getting confused and using it wrong will be great.

4. Make it neat
The last thing to pay close attention to if you want to make formula notes is neat. Record everything neatly and group it properly. If your notes are neat, the learning process will run easily. A few months later read again, you still understand.

Here are some tips for making formula notes that can make it easier for you to learn math. Read other study tips and tricks here.

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