Tips For Overcoming Handphone Addiction While Studying

Looking at handphones (scrolling Instagram, chatting with friends) does make us addicted to playing handphones. Addiction to seeing this handphone can make us forget the time and not complete tasks. So, here are some tips for overcoming handphone addiction when you are about to start/study:

1. Limit usage time
Limit the use of handphones according to the set of alarms. You can also ask your parents/friends for help to remind you.

2. Schedule
Schedule the right time for handphone use. Beyond that, you can also prepare other alternative activities so you don’t get bored and switch to handphone again.

3. Teach yourself to restrain yourself
You can reward yourself if you start regularly using your handphone. For example: buying snacks, buying things you want to buy, etc. (This depends on each person)

4. Do it regularly
Do it regularly. Over time you will get used to it. That way you don’t just look at your handphone.

Overcoming addiction to using handphones is a very difficult thing to do. You must have your awareness, why should I reduce the use of handphones? I hope these tips can help you!

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