Tips for Taking Notes During Covid 19 Pandemic

Note-taking is a skill we use in many walks of life: in schools, universities, and the world of work. Here are 7 tips on how to be an efficient note-taker.

1. Write only important things
Not all the words contained in the material slides need to be noted. We can write it in our own words. This of course will make us save time and not miss the next material. In addition, don’t just focus on the slides, pay attention to the words spoken by the teacher and what they write on the board. It is possible that what the teacher says/writes is important even though it is not on the slide.

2. Create a mind map
A mind map is a diagram that is used to break down a topic into more specific points (branched out). The method is called mind mapping.

3. Write in a visual style
Taking notes doesn’t have to just write paragraphs. We can take notes with visual objects such as using rectangles, circles, triangles, making bold/italic writing, making titles with ribbon images, making illustrations like comics, and so on.
Maybe you think that notes like that are mostly done by women or people who have a high artistic soul. However, it doesn’t hurt to try because our notes will be more aesthetic and interesting.

4. Avoid tight writing
The tight sentences will make it difficult for us to read them. Try to leave enough space between paragraphs, columns (if 1 page has multiple columns), or objects (if you are writing in a visual style). That way, our notes will be more pleasing to the eye when reviewing them.

5. Decorate your notes with color
Notes decorated with various colors can make us fresh when reading them. Notes in one color seem very monotonous and boring.
To make our notes more interesting, decorate them with at least 3 colors, namely black, blue, and red. For example, black and blue are used to write sentences interchangeably while red is used for underlines or bullet icons.

6. Take notes with gadgets
Gadgets have become an alternative in taking notes. You can keep notes on your smartphone/laptop without having to deal with a lot of paper. This is of course fine if our lecturers allow us to use gadgets while studying.

7. Do not take notes too often with gadgets, handwriting is more effective
Princeton University research shows that handwritten notes are more effective at making it easier for you to remember lessons than gadget notes. So don’t often take notes with your gadget, especially just photos.

Hope this helps you!

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