Tips for Taking Online Exams at Home

The pandemic situation causes activities outside the home to be limited. One of them, learning and teaching activities in schools. Everything is done completely online. Well, this year, many schools will carry out online exams.

Of course, online and offline exams have some differences, both in terms of preparation and execution. In this article, I will give you some tips that you can do when taking online exams at home later.

1. Check the specified exam schedule
Make sure you study subjects that will be tested tomorrow. Also check, when the exam starts and the duration of the process. So, you can guess how much time it will take to do each question, so you don’t run out of time.

2. Wake up on time
During online school at home, you will get used to getting up late. Don’t let this bad habit of yours make you late for the exam. Before entering the exam weeks, start getting used to not sleeping too late. So, you can wake up earlier. Even though the exam is done online, that doesn’t mean you can wake up at will, just as close as the exam starts.

3. Choose a comfortable exam place
Even though the exam is done at home, you can’t just choose a place for the exam. Try, find a comfortable place, away from noise interference, and gets good lighting. By choosing a comfortable exam place, you can focus and concentrate more when working on exam questions later.

4. Prepare the necessary equipment
In addition to a cellphone or laptop, you also need to prepare other equipment. For example, chargers, paper, and pens. For those of you who don’t use a wi-fi network, don’t forget to check your data quota before the exam, OK? Make sure you have enough quota during the exam.

5. Read the exam instructions carefully
As you mentioned earlier, the online exam is different, the process is different from the offline exam. For example, in terms of how to answer multiple-choice questions, what kind of answers are said to be valid, and much more. Well, therefore, you need to read the instructions for working on the exam questions carefully! This does not only apply to those who will take the online exam for the first time. But, it applies to all.

6. Do the questions carefully
Well, the last tip is to do the questions carefully. This is very important for you to do, not only during offline exams but online exams also need accuracy in answering questions. Usually, if you take online exams, especially when the questions are multiple-choice, you like to rush in clicking on the answer choices. Sometimes, you are lazy to check it again and immediately collect it. Try, read the question carefully, yes. Choose the answer that you think is right and not in a hurry.

Those are some tips that you can apply when taking online exams at home later. Don’t forget to prepare yourself by studying hard!

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