What Is Studygram and How To Get Started

Who said studying is always boring? If the notes we make are messy, yes, that’s possible. But now notes can be made into works of art without losing their original function. What’s even better, the notes that you create can be shared throughout the world via Instagram, which eventually led to the term Studygram.

Through study programs, you can share knowledge and inspire each other. Reading other people’s notes is neat and aesthetically pleasing, and it can motivate you to do the same. If the learning process becomes more enjoyable, productivity can also increase.

I started making my studygram acc @mylknotes, in the middle of 2020. I feel that by my studygram acc, I am more motivated to study. In studygram community, we can make more friends. I have some studygram friends, they always support me and I’m happy with that.

Supplies I use to make your studygram acc:
First, you have to make Instagram acc. Your Instagram acc name is free, it is suggested that there is a connection with the word “study”. To make notes, you don’t need to buy items that are too expensive. Adjust it to your budget. Here is the writing tool I usually use to take notes:

1. Notebook or binder
Types of paper are plain, dotted, grid, and others. For notebook or binder brands, you can search from recommendations or look for products that you are comfortable with.
2. Pens
I’m more comfortable using a pen to take notes. Remember, it is advisable to use a pen that you are comfortable with.
3. Highlighter
4. Markers
5. Brushpen
6. Sticker and memopad
I rarely use stickers or memopad in writing notes, but if you want your notes to look not plain, then you can try adding stickers or memopad.

Studygram does not limit your notes to text, you can add pictures, illustrations, diagrams, and other decorations that help explain your notes. You can start with simple things. For example, using a pen with a different color to write the title and sub-title, and put highlights for key words that you think are important.

Plus, your notes will be easier to read if you make your key points in short sentences rather than long paragraphs. Create a different colored marker for each topic. In order not to be too ‘crowded’, you can set a color theme for each subject. One thing that Studygram makers also like is beautiful writing or calligraphy for writing titles. You can start learning to write beautifully using a special calligraphy pen that is easy to use.

The next step is upload your work. Even if it’s not very frequent, try to post notes regularly so that your followers always have something new to see. Don’t forget to include hashtags or tag your friends. There are no standard rules in making a Studygram, the important thing is that you feel happy and comfortable doing it. But remember, don’t let the fun of uploading on Instagram, you forget the main purpose of making notes, which is study!

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